The Rip-N-Ride Learn to Ride program

  • Learn to Ski / Ride

    Water Ski and Wakeboard Cananda’s Rip’n Ride program is a fun, safe, and standardized national towed water sports skill development program. This program is designed to teach everyone the skills needed to have fun on the water from qualified, skilled instructors.

    Tournament water skiing can seem intimating at first but with the relaxed rules and extra falls this is a great first tourament experience. You will start to learn and progress with people that understand FUN.

    Never water skied before!!! The Rid’n Ride program is for you.
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  • The Program

    Rip‘n Ride helps participants develop the fundamental skills necessary in towed water sports. The program leads participants through a safe and effective progression and encourages you to try various disciplines. Once you complete the skills on one card you can move up to the next level.

    At a Rip’n Ride Event, participants will be encouraged to complete skill cards, see below, based on their varied skill level and encouraged to the next skill level.

    The various towed water sports taught through Rip‘n Ride include Water Ski, Slalom, Trick, Jump, Barefoot, Wakeboard and Wakeskate.

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