Show Ski Canada is pleased to announce the opening of the 2022 Canadian National Show Ski Team application process.

Please read the following information carefully:
·The application must be completed in full and in one sitting
·The application must be completed as truly and accurately as possible
·There is NO application fee
The Show Ski Canada Selection Committee has the honour and responsibility for all decision-making regarding team selection with respect to the selection criteria. The Selection Committee includes the following members:

Sandy Becher
Todd Hounsome
Jordan Long
Lindsay McKenzie
Charlie Newlands

The following sections outline the application process and selection criteria that will guide team member selection.


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To be eligible for the 2022 Canadian National Show Ski Team, the athlete must be:
·A member in good standing with Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC)
·A member in good standing with their provincial Water Ski and Wakeboard Association
·Deemed eligible and in good standing by the International Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF)
·Hold a valid Canadian passport
·Hold a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card (if applying for a Boat Driver position)
·Hold travel insurance (more information will be provided at a later date about the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program)


Deadline for applications: July 6, 2020
Once the applications have been submitted, the Selection Committee will hold a review period. The preliminary roster announcement will take place shortly after the application deadline. The announcement date will be released on the Show Ski Canada social
media pages (Canadian National Water Ski Show Team on Facebook and @showskicanada on Instagram).

Development Period: Summer 2021
Final Roster Announcement: TBD Summer 2022

World Show Ski Tournament: (Winter Haven, FL) October 22-23, 2022. Due to the extended time period before the 2022 World Show Ski Tournament, the Selection Committee reserves the right to open an additional application period.


Once athletes have been named to the preliminary roster and have signed the WSWC Athlete Agreement, they will undergo a period of consideration during the summer of 2021. The Selection Committee commits to providing each athlete with guidance regarding how to secure a spot on the final roster and reach our goals as a team. The
selection criteria will emphasize…

  1. Attitude
    ·Contribution to positive team morale
    ·Willingness to try new acts / positions etc.
  2. Team commitment
    ·Timely fee and form submission
    ·Attending team events for the entire duration (i.e. arriving late or leaving
    early would not be suitable) etc.
  3. Skill set
    ·Number of act involvement
    ·Commitment to overall wellbeing and fitness etc.

If an athlete is not selected to be on the final roster, they may be selected to attend the World Show Ski Tournament with Team Canada as an alternate athlete / support crew. Only selected athletes will travel with the team to the tournament.


The team will be comprised of the following positions:
·Tow Boat Drivers
·Pick Up Boat Drivers
·Sound / Stage Crew


The Selection Committee may, at any time, and at their discretion, disqualify an athlete from being considered for selection to the Canadian National Show Ski Team or remove an athlete after selection if, due to illness, injury, lack of physical fitness or other reason which affects the athlete’s ability to perform, the Selection Committee believes it unlikely that the athlete will be able to perform at a level consistent with the skills required upon which the selection of the athlete to the Team would be or was based. The Selection
Committee will advise the affected athlete of their decision immediately. Such a decision may be appealed in accordance with WSWC’s Appeal Policy.


Those who accept to become members of the 2022 Canadian National Show Ski Team members acknowledge that they will:
·Agree to abide by the WSWC Code of Conduct
·Agree to sign the WSWC Athlete Agreement
·Attend mandatory team training events
·Attend a minimum of 2 fundraising events
·Attend and compete at the 2022 World Show Ski Tournament
·Provide proof of adequate domestic and travel insurance


New this year, the application will completely FREE. Once the preliminary roster has been announced, athletes will not be required to contribute to their team fee (approximately $750 total) for at least twelve (12) months following preliminary roster announcement. Before June 1, 2022, any athlete reserves the right to choose not to
attend the World Show Ski Tournament and is eligible to receive a full refund of their team fee. After June 1, 2022, an athlete will only be eligible for a refund if they are not attending the World Show Ski Tournament with Show Ski Canada because…
a) they are not offered a spot on the final roster or;
b) they decline an alternate spot


If you have any questions or comments regarding the application process or team commitment, please contact:
Show Ski Committee TeamCanada2022@gmail.com