Evan Kraus slalom skiing at the 2022 Jr. Canadian Open. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography. 

Water Ski Canada Celebrates Remarkable Achievements at the Jr. Canadian Water Ski Open

Water Ski Canada is thrilled to announce the extraordinary accomplishments of Canadian water skiers at the Jr. Canadian Water Ski Open, held at Shalom Park in Edmonton, AB. This event, which took place from July 8-9, 2023, brought together junior skiers from across Canada and around the world, showcasing their incredible talent and dedication to the sport.

Eight Canadian athletes emerged victorious, securing titles in their respective divisions. Water Ski Canada congratulates each of the winners for their exceptional skills and determination. The following Canadian athletes triumphed at the Jr. Canadian Water Ski Open:

In the U17 Girls Division, Alberta’s Megan Pelkey, the reigning U17 World Overall Champion, dominated the competition. Megan demonstrated her prowess by claiming the top spot in the Overall category, as well as winning the U17 Girls Tricks event with an impressive score of 6470 points. Additionally, Megan showcased her versatility by securing a close 2nd place in U17 Girls Slalom after an intense run-off with USA skier Stenger Solie. In the U17 Girls Jump category, Megan clinched the 2nd place spot behind fellow Canadian Kate Pinsonneault.

Alberta’s Carly Bonham showcased her skiing, earning a spot on the podium in multiple events. Carly secured 3rd place in U17 Girls Slalom and a 2nd place in U17 Girls Tricks. Nova Scotia’s Darah Lachance joined the Canadian domination in U17 Girls Tricks, rounding out the podium with a commendable 3rd place finish. Darah also secured a 3rd place in U17 Girls Overall, trailing behind Megan Pelkey in first place and USA skier Solie Stenger in 2nd place. The U17 Girls Jump event witnessed Canadian dominance with BC’s Kate Pinsonneault tying her personal best score of 36.6 meters to claim the coveted title.

In the U17 Boys Division, BC’s Linden Pinette showcased his talent, securing a 3rd place in U17 Boys Tricks with a score of 3390 points.

Quebec’s Nellie Allard exhibited her exceptional skills in the U21 Women division. Nellie’s remarkable performance led her to a 2nd place finish in U21 Women Slalom after a thrilling three-way tie. She continued her success by securing 3rd place in U21 Women Tricks. Nellie, the reigning U17 World Jump Champion, demonstrated her great jumping ability again by winning the Jr. Canadian Open in U21 Women Jump with an impressive score of 40m. Her outstanding performances culminated in a well-deserved 2nd place finish in U21 Women Overall. 

The U21 Men division witnessed Canadian athletes dominating every event. Local talents, the Kraus brothers from Alberta, left a lasting mark on the competition. Evan Kraus emerged as the U21 Men Slalom champion, while his brother Sean claimed victory in U21 Men Tricks. In both events, the Kraus brothers secured 2nd place finishes. BC’s Christopher Horwood joined the Canadian podium in U21 Men Slalom, finishing in 3rd place, while BC’s Jake Chambers showcased his talent with a commendable 3rd place finish in U21 Men Tricks. In the highly competitive U21 Men Jump event, Saskatchewan’s Carter Lucas clinched the title with a phenomenal score of 54.9 meters. BC’s Jonathan Horwood and Jake Chambers followed closely, securing 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. The Canadian dominance was further evident in the U21 Men Overall competition, with Jake Chambers seizing the title, Carter Lucas securing 2nd place, and Christopher Horwood claiming 3rd place.

Water Ski Canada extends its warmest congratulations to all the winners and participants of the Jr. Canadian Water Ski Open. Their exceptional performances have showcased the depth of talent in Canadian water skiing and inspire the next generation of athletes. The organization also extends its gratitude to the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and the Edmonton community for their invaluable support in making this event a resounding success.

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More photos of skiers are available on Getty Images, https://www.gettyimages.ca/search/photographer?photographer=Johnny%20Hayward