About Us

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is responsible for coordinating, growing and developing towed water sports from initiation to high performance. Responsible for the overall health of the sport in collaboration with our Provincial Sport Organizations, WSWC leads through proactive advocacy, strengthened partnerships, effective communications and coordinated leadership.

Representing several interest groups in the sport, Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada has been in the business of serving the towed water sports community since 1949. A non-profit organization, Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada is the sole national sport governing body and recognized water ski and wake sport authority in Canada, representing all competitive Canadian towed water sports including adaptive water ski & wakeboard, barefoot, marathon, show ski, wakeboard, wake park, wakesurf, wakeskate, and water ski.

As the national association, WSWC is also responsible for high performance, national championships, and developing the national programming for grassroots development, coaching and long term athlete development.