To advance the growth, innovation, and excellence of towed water sports.


Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is the national non-profit organization responsible for coordinating, growing and developing towed water sports from initiation to high performance through proactive advocacy, strengthened partnerships, effective communications and coordinated leadership.


We lead the growth and development of an aligned towed water sports community from grassroots to high performance through our pillars of Partnerships, Funding, Coordinated Infrastructure and Community.


Our values are the core beliefs that inform our decision-making and the practices that govern the leadership within our sport at all levels.


Innovation:  We are dynamic and boldly spirited in our approach to evolving our sport. Our sport is constantly changing and finding exciting and cutting-edge ways to advance how our participants compete and play on the water. We align our management approach with the natural creativity that drives the uniqueness of our sport by integrating it into the practices that enable the progression of our sport.


Accountability: We are results-orientated, principled, and act with purpose. Our sport leverages our strong foundation to serve our communities. It recognizes the importance of standardized practices, procedures, and compliance while recognizing our dependence upon the accountability relationships and dynamics needed for loosely coupled efforts to be effective. We are aligned in our shared understanding of autonomy designed to benefit the sport as a whole.  Decision making is informed by data analysis and stakeholder engagement.


Respect and Care: We highly value, support, and celebrate the people in our community. Our sport recognizes the dedication, passion, and various roles our people fulfill in being curators of our culture and fun. We are committed to supporting and fostering the volunteerism we rely upon and recognize the changing demands upon volunteers who often must oscillate between participant and volunteer; and the increasing accountability that is being placed on the work done by our volunteers. We invest in systems, processes, and policies designed to promote and facilitate the care and safety of our people. We value advances in equity, diversity, inclusivity, and indigeneity (EDII) within our sport.


Excellence: We are performance-driven, strategic in our delivery of service, and targeted in the pursuit of the growth of our sport. We achieve excellence on the world stage bringing recognition and profile to our sport and Canada. Excellence off the field of play and professionalism of our systems and best practices provide the infrastructure for our sport to be best in class. We are introspective in our decision making and review of our systems and strategic in pursuit of our vision.   We clearly define our priorities and stay the planned course recognizing the impact of our informed decision-making across our sport as a whole.  

Unity:  We are better together and unified in our approach We have a positive culture of interdependence that enables the integration of multiple sport disciplines to be unified in our approach and maintain the ability to differentiate. Alignment in our shared understanding of sport priorities informs resource allocations and enables effective long-term strategic budgeting plans.


PARTNERSHIP:  Build partnerships that advances towed watersports through mutually beneficial relationships, shared accountability and acquisition of resources that support and align with organizational values.


FUNDING:  Secure stable funding that extends beyond traditional sources and enables long-term sustainable budget planning enabling the investment in programs, services and people that strengthen our member experience. Build partnerships that advances towed watersports through mutually beneficial relationships, shared accountability and acquisition of resources that support and align with organizational values.


COORDINATED INFRASTRUCTURE:  Develop shared understanding, organizational agility and systemic coordinated efforts across all sport levels that lead to a unified professionalized approach in the delivery of towed water sports.


COMMUNITY:  Be deeply committed to the support and care of our people as we educate and advocate for the growth and diversification of our sport.