Our People

Fuelled by a highly passionate group of individuals, Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is grateful for the valued contributions of our community – staff, Directors, Councils and Committees alike work tirelessly to shape and grow our sport.

WSWC is pleased to introduce you to our stellar group of people who are the difference makers in our sport!

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WSWC Standing Committees
The following Committee’s are standing committees of WSWC and report to the WSWC Board of Directors.

Standing Committee Role
Finance Committee To provide oversight regarding all Finance and Audit Issues and Management
Governance Committee To provide oversight regarding all Governance Issues including the review of bylaws, policies and all governance related matters.
Human Resources Committee To provide oversight regarding all HR Issues and Management
Marketing Committee To provide oversight and direction regarding all Marketing matters including the development and implementation of a Marketing Strategy


Councils & Committees (NEW)
The Council’s main role is to provide technical direction for their respective areas and / or sport disciplines and are structured to provide guidance and direction to WSWC’s programs, services and initiatives.

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) recognizes the following Councils:

  • Athlete Council
  • Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) Council
  • Adaptive Council
  • Barefoot Council
  • Show Ski Council
  • Wake Council
  • Water Ski Council


Athletes Council
Recognizing the important role athletes play in the growth and development of towed water sports, the Athletes Council serves as a source of athlete opinion and advice to assist WSWC in program and policy development for the benefit of towed water sports in Canada; and ensures that the voice of WSWC’s athletes are represented in a collaborative, professional and effective manner.

The Athlete Council is comprised of one athlete representation from each of WSWC’s five sport councils (Adaptive, Barefoot, Show Ski, Wake and Water Ski) and represent the views of their fellow athletes to WSWC.  The Athletes Council is one of the most effective mechanisms by which athletes can influence change and champion athlete rights in high performance sport at the national team level.


Provincial Sport Organization Council
Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s (WSWC) members are our Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO).  Our PSOs are the backbone of the towed water sports pathway.  From outreach and initiation to high performance and life long enthusiasts of towed water sports, our PSOs are key to the growth and development of our sport.  The PSO Council is comprised of the Presidents of the member PSOs of WSWC.