Adaptive Water Ski Canada is elated to announce that Kendra Erhardt, our pride from Edmonton, will be representing the nation at the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships. The Championships will be held in Elk Grove, California, from September 11-17, 2023.

Athlete’s Profile:

Name: Kendra Erhardt

Age: 31

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Division: Women’s MP3

Events: Slalom & Trick

Personal Best (Slalom): 2@43km

Personal Best (Trick): 397pts

Unyielding Spirit and Remarkable Talent:

Kendra’s introduction to adaptive water skiing occurred in 2022 during Alberta’s “Give it a Go Day.” From that defining moment, she embraced the sport with unparalleled passion and determination.

In a brief period, Kendra’s incredible aptitude in both the slalom and trick skiing events garnered her widespread attention, earning her a spot on the Canadian National Team headed to the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships. Her accomplishments are even more impressive considering the life-altering accident in March 2019, which resulted in a T10/12 complete Spinal Cord Injury. Yet, with her invincible spirit, Kendra found a renewed purpose on the water.

Moments That Define a Champion:

At the US Nationals, the dock echoed with the nostalgic tunes of Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” as Kendra achieved a spectacular 6 pass competition slalom ski set. A testament to the unwavering support and camaraderie from her teammates.

A Journey Beyond Medals:

For Kendra, it’s not just about personal milestones. Her vision encompasses the larger goal of elevating adaptive water skiing’s stature. A passionate advocate, she aims to involve more women in para sports and recreation, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.

A Message from Adaptive Water Ski Canada:

“We are incredibly proud of Kendra Erhardt. Her participation in the World Championships is not just a personal achievement but a moment of pride for all of Canada. We eagerly await her performance, and irrespective of the outcome, she remains our champion.”

Adaptive Water Ski Canada, championing inclusivity and excellence on water.