Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s Ashley Leugner showcased her incredible talent today in the Women’s Wakeboard Qualifiers at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. Placing third in her heat, Leugner narrowly missed the chance to proceed directly to the finals.

With undeterred spirit, Ashley will be back in the waters for the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ) on October 22, 2023, with hopes of securing her position in the Women’s Wakeboard Finals.

Reflecting on today’s performance, Ashley stated, “The day went pretty good. I wasn’t super happy with the way it finished out for me but I did land some stuff that I didn’t land yesterday, which was positive for me. I just ended up having a repeat trick and an unfortunate fall and didn’t make it through but I get a second chance tomorrow.” When asked about her goal for the LCQ, she responded determinedly, “That is the goal. Get through finals tomorrow in LCQ.”

Leveraging her vast experience, Leugner remains confident, “I’ve been in this position before. I’ve been to many contests and I’m relying on past contest experience. Which I think I have a lot more than some of the girls here so I think that will help me out a lot.”

The Pan Am Games is not just a competition, but an experience. Ashley expressed her gratitude and excitement for being a part of this event, “I’m just trying to really take in the whole experience here. Reconnecting with people I used to wakeboard with back in the day. Just being here with Team Canada and the whole multi-sport event is amazing.” She also candidly shared her feelings on her journey so far, “I’ve been putting a lot of pressure on myself but I just have to remember that I’m here and that was the goal.”

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is proud of Ashley’s dedication and perseverance. Fans and supporters are encouraged to cheer her on in tomorrow’s LCQ.

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