Dorien Llewellyn Competes in the Men’s Jump Prelims on October 22, 2023 at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games.
Photo Credit: Express Media / Panam Sports

Canada’s Dorien Llewellyn has made an impressive mark by reaching the finals in both the Men’s Trick and Men’s Jump events at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. This achievement shines even brighter given that it is Dorien’s second Pan American Games appearance.

In the 2019 Lima Pan Am Games, Dorien clinched gold in the men’s overall, silver in tricks, and bronze in jump. This year, he is accompanied by his Coach and father, Jaret Llewellyn, a renowned figure in the sport with 12 Pan Am Games medals under his belt.

Reflecting on his performance today, Dorien stated, “I’ve left a little bit to be desired in both Trick and in Jump.” Speaking about his Trick Prelims, he added, “I went out and stood up both my runs. That’s always the first objective as a trick skier – to stand up and make the finals.” Although currently sitting fourth in Tricks, Dorien remains optimistic. “I’m just on the outside looking in on the podium but it’s an awesome place to be for tomorrow because I get to go out there and put a score down. If I put out a big score, we never know what could happen.”

Discussing the jump prelims, Llewellyn shared, “I went out as the last skier. I haven’t had a ton of jump experience this year from crashing earlier in the year so there was still a little bit of those nerves, a little bit of butterflies.” He confidently adds, “I think I put myself in a good position to put out a big jump tomorrow in the finals.”

Dorien’s resilience shines through as he comments on his journey post-injury. “It’s been challenging for sure coming off of this injury. I’ve basically had a month of training leading up to this.” He continued, “The World Championships was a huge test and this is just another test. Coming to a site I haven’t been to in four years and still having some doubt about what’s the limitations of my body at the moment – it’s challenging. But, I’m going to go out there and give it my best.”

The highly anticipated Jump and Trick Finals are set to take place tomorrow, October 23, 2023. Fans and enthusiasts can see updates, schedules, and results by visiting the link here,  

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