Evan Kraus competes at the 2022 Canadian Water Ski Championships at Shalom Park, Edmonton. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography. 

Water Ski Canada is thrilled to announce the upcoming 2023 Canadian Water Ski Championships, set to create a splash at Shalom Park, Edmonton, from August 9 to 12, 2023. The event is expected to bring together the nation’s finest water skiers, all competing for the prestigious title of National Champion.

This year’s championship will showcase a diverse range of talents, including members of the Water Ski Canada National Team and Junior National Team. Notably, among the competitors are reigning World Champion, Jaimee Bull, and U21 World Champion, Charlie Ross. The U17 World Champions, Nellie Allard, Megan Pelkey, and Hannah Stopnicki, will be testing their skills among the best.

Adding to the excitement, Edmonton’s very own Kraus brothers, Sean and Evan, will compete on their home turf, aiming to claim the top spot on the podium. The blend of local and national talents promises to make this event a thrilling spectacle for all water ski enthusiasts.

We are proud to spotlight the inclusion of Adaptive Water Skiing in the championship, further celebrating the sport’s universal accessibility. These exceptional athletes will compete fiercely for the honour of being crowned National Champion. Beyond this event, they will continue their inspiring journey towards the 2023 World Disabled Water Ski Championships next month.

The Canadian Water Ski Championships are about more than competition; they bring together the vibrant and dynamic Canadian Water Ski community. It is a celebration of our tight-knit community, where families ski alongside each other, forming enduring memories and fostering the sport’s future growth. It is a testament to the inclusive spirit that defines the water ski community in Canada.

We warmly invite the public to this family event to witness the thrilling action unfold. Admission is free, allowing all attendees to enjoy the incredible display of skill and determination that these athletes bring to the water. 

For more information about the event, please visit our website or follow us on our social media channels. Join us in this celebration of water skiing and cheer on our athletes as they push the boundaries of this exciting sport.

Blake Lamontagne skiing at the 2022 Canadian Water Ski Championships at Shalom Park, Edmonton. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography.