Jaimee Bull and Ryan Dodd in the 2023 Masters Boat Parade. PC: Vince Stadlbaur.

Canadian Water Skiers Shine at 63rd Masters Waterski and Wakeboard Tournament bringing home four medals. 

The Masters Waterski & Wakeboard Tournament, held May 26-28 at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia, is an invitation-only event that showcases the world’s best water skiers and wakeboarders. The tournament features a variety of events including men’s and women’s slalom, jump, trick and wakeboarding. The event is one of the most prestigious in the towed water sports world and this year a group of Canadian skiers made their mark on the competition.

Leading the way was Ryan Dodd (AB), who took home the gold medal in the Men’s Jump event, flying 67.9m/223ft in the finals. This is Ryan’s 6th Men’s Jump win at the Masters.

Also performing well was Jaimee Bull (ON), who finished second in the Women’s Slalom competition. Jaimee scored 3@10.75m/39off to take the silver medal behind USA’s Regina Jaquess.

Whitney McClintock Rini (ON) also earned herself a medal, finishing 3rd in the Women’s Slalom event, joining her Canadian teammate Jaimee Bull on the podium. Whitney ran 1.5@10.75m/39off in the final to earn a bronze medal.

Neilly Ross (ON) was another Canadian skier who had a strong showing at the Masters. Neilly finished third in the Women’s Trick competition and eighth in the Women’s Slalom. Neilly scored 10,210 points in the Women’s Trick semi-final to punch her ticket into the final. In the final round, Neilly tricked 8,770 points to earn the bronze medal. In Women’s Slalom, Neilly scored 3@14.25m/28off. 

Paige Rini (ON) finished fifth in both the Women’s Slalom and Women’s Trick competitions, narrowly missing out on the finals in both events. She tricked a score of 8,320 points and slalomed 1@11.25m/38off in the Women’s semifinal rounds. She also placed seventh in the Women’s Jump competition with a score of 41.6m/135ft. Paige’s ability to qualify for the Masters in every event is a testament to her skill and dedication. She was one of only two skiers in both the pro men and women field to qualify for the Masters in all three disciplines – slalom, trick and jump. 

Conley Pinette (BC) narrowly missed out on the final in the Men’s Jump competition, finishing fifth. Conley jumped a distance of 64.4m/211ft in the semi-final round. Despite not making it to the final, Conley’s performance was impressive and bodes well for his future in the sport.

The first US Masters was held in 1959, and since become one of the most prestigious events in the sport. Held annually, the competition attracts skiers and wakeboarders from around the world, and the top performers in each event are crowned Masters Champion.

Congratulations to all the Canadian skiers who competed at the Masters. We look forward to seeing more great performances from Canada’s water skiing stars.

Ryan Dodd Jumping in the Men’s Jump Final at the 2023 Masters. Photo Credit: Vince Stadlbaur.

Jaimee Bull Slaloming in the Women’s Final at the 2023 Masters. Photo Credit: Vince Stadlbaur.

Whitney McClintock Rini Slaloms at the 2023 Masters. Photo Credit: Vince Stadlbaur.

Neilly Ross Tricking in the Women’s Trick Final at the 2023 Masters. Photo Credit: Vince Stadlbaur.

Paige Rini After Tricking at the 2023 Masters. Photo Credit: Vince Stadlbaur.

Conley Pinette Jumping at the 2023 Masters. Photo Credit: Vince Stadlbaur.