Water Ski Canada and the Shalom Park host committee have been actively monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and its implications for the 2020 competitive water ski season, including  the 2020 Canadian Water Ski National Championships, currently scheduled for August 4th-9th.

Our foremost concern is to ensure the safety and well being of all participants. As we look to Nationals, we are cognizant of the time required for participants to plan for attending Nationals, the ability to qualify, the relatively short Canadian ski season,and theneeds of thehost committee to make adequate preparations for the hosting of Nationals. 

Alberta currently has mandatory restrictions on any gatherings of more than 15 people, with no defined time frame for those restrictions to be lifted. Information and updates are constantlychanging, and it is uncertain as to what the situation will be as we move into July and August.

Considering the information above and the desire to ensure the time for all necessary precautions and planning to be put in place, the following actions will be taken at this time:

  1. Registration for the event will not be opened until a final decision on the scheduling of the event has been made.
  2. Water Ski Canada and the host committee will reconvene in early May to reassess the situation
  3. Determination of whether the event will proceed will be based on Provincial & Federal legislation; participant safety and well being will be paramount to this review. 
  4. Communication of the status of Nationals will be made by May 30th through and Water Ski Canada’s social media channels

Until determination of the event has been confirmed we ask that participants NOT make any travel plans until a final decision has been communicated to the water ski community.

We wish everyone the best in these difficult times and we encourage you to follow the directions of the Public Health Agency of Canada and your local health officials.  We look forward to the resumption of Water Ski activities once the crisis has passed. Thank you for your patience and understanding.