Erin Aubrey


Adaptive sports, hold a very special place in Erin’s heart. She has worked in many adaptive disciplines – equestrian, swimming, and now towed water sports. I have been passionate about waterskiing since she was exposed to the sport very young but adaptive takes that passion to another level enabling all people regardless of ability to try our sport. This sport council does critically important work to enable these experiences for Canadians with varying levels of abilities across the country to first get out on the water for the first time and supports these athletes should they choose to one day compete. With having served on the council for the last several years and having worked hard out east in Canada to develop their adapted athletes, Erin would like to be apart of the council for the next coming years. With governance and leadership experience on our NS PSO as President, communications and Skiability program director, Erin contributes a range of skills and experience paired with my passion to better this sport.