Coaching Overview

Coaching Overview


The Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) Coaching Program, in partnership with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), oversees the development and delivery of educational resources for Towed Watersports coaches. The Program also ensures that individuals are able to enter and progress along the WSWC coaching pathway.

NCCP offers multiple levels of coaching, each with its own requirements and training – from the first-time coach to the head coach of a national team. As part of the program, all coaches are trained in ethical decision-making and sports safety.


The three coaching levels:

FOUNDATIONS: This is the basic, community level coach. As a Foundations coach, you may be working with kids or adults, beginners or novices, athletes or people who simply want to enjoy being on the water.  The emphasis is placed on safety, fun, ethics, boat driving and values beyond competition. This clinic will help camps, schools, and volunteer coaches foster the love of the sport, promote participation, and teach basic skills to beginners of all ages through a variety of activities and disciplines.

BUILD THE SKILLS: The purpose of this technical skills clinic is to create an understanding of how to teach the basic techniques and skills of towed water sports for coaches working with participants of all ages that have little or no formal towed water sports experience.

LEARN TO COMPETE:  You want to coach higher level athletes? This is the coach level you are looking for. Learn to Compete coaches are competitive coaches who prepare their athletes for competition. In addition to coaching sport-specific skills, you will be designing and monitoring yearly training plans, and providing basic mental training skills, competition tactics, and skill analysis.  The goals at this level of coaching are fun, fitness, fundamentals, and performance at regional or provincial competitions as well as consolidation of basic skills of the sport.