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Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is dedicated to the long-term health and safety of our current and future participants in towed water sports. We have created a Concussion Policy & Protocols document that conforms with the Canadian Guidelines for Concussion in Sports developed by Parachute Canada with support from the Public Health Agency of Canada and Sport Canada. 

Click Here for the Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Concussion Policy & Protocols document. 

You can access detailed information on the various aspects of the WSWC Concussion Policy & Protocols document by clicking a box to the right.


All coaches, officials, safety directors and event managers must complete the Making Headway concussion education module prepared by the Coaching Association of Canada.

Any participant who show signs or symptoms of a suspected concussion must be removed immediately from competition or training and referred to a medical doctor for a diagnosis.

All participants who have been identified to have a suspected concussion must have clearance by a medical doctor prior to returning to competition at any level.

Gestion des commotions de SNPC