Jaimee Bull Slaloms during the Lacanau Cup by Malibu. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography.

Jaimee Bull from North Bay, Ontario, Claims Victory at Lacanau Cup by Malibu

Water Ski Canada is thrilled to announce that Jaimee Bull, hailing from North Bay, Ontario, emerged triumphant at Lacanau Cup by Malibu held in Lacanau, France from June 30 to July 2, 2023. With an outstanding performance, Jaimee secured the title of Pro Women Slalom Champion, showcasing her exceptional skills and determination.

Throughout the event, Jaimee showcased her unparalleled talent, consistently running 10.75m/39off all three rounds. Her unwavering focus and unmatched prowess ultimately propelled her to claim victory during the finals with a remarkable score of 1.5@10.25m/41off. In a highly competitive field, she surpassed her fellow Canadian Team Member, Whitney McClintock Rini, who achieved an impressive score of 1@10.25m/41off. Additionally, Paige Rini, another talented Canadian athlete, showcased her skills and placed 6th in the finals.

This remarkable achievement marks Jaimee Bull’s first Waterski Pro Tour win of the season and her fourth podium finish. She has demonstrated consistent excellence throughout the year, standing on the podium in every Waterski Pro Tour event so far. Jaimee’s remarkable performance is a testament to her dedication and commitment to the sport.

Jaimee’s next challenge awaits her in Greece, as she gears up for the Kaiafas Battle Pro Am scheduled for July 7-9, 2023. With her recent triumph fueling her determination, she will strive to continue her winning streak and add to her remarkable list of accomplishments.

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Pro Women's Slalom Podium at Lacanau Cup by Malibu. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography

Pro Women’s Slalom Podium at Lacanau Cup by Malibu. 1st: Jaimee Bull (CAN) 2nd: Whitney McClintock Rini (CAN) 3rd: Allie Nicholson (USA). Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography