The Women on the Water event is a free, online, interactive session in support of towed water sports programming for girls and women.

This is an opportunity for our community to come together in support of creating more opportunities for girls and women to participate in towed water sports.

The online event will include:
– Discussing women’s lived experiences in towed water sports
– Exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with girls’ and women’s participation in
towed water sports
– Programming in action and lessons learned
– Program design and best practices

Attendees will also be given free access to the Canadian Women and Sport Gender ELens module to enhance your understanding of gender equity.

To register for the event, please CLICK HERE 

Women on the Water Program Support – Summer 2021
Following the Women on the Water event, attendees will be eligible to submit girls and women summer 2021 program designs to WSWC for grant support (seed money to support programming). This program support is in keeping with WSWC’s commitment to increase the number of girls and women participants and leaders in towed water sports.

Eligibility Criteria:
– Must have attended the Women on the Water event in full
– Must have completed the Canadian Women and Sport Gender ELens Module
– Must be a member in good standing of your Provincial Sport Organization
– For program delivery, must have WSWC Insurance or proof of equivalent coverage
– Program delivery must be in Canada

If you receive funding, you must attend the program debrief session in the Fall – session in the Fall – date to be confirmed