Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography.

Adaptive Water Ski Canada proudly presents Jonathan Sieswerda as one of its distinguished athletes, set to represent Canada at the upcoming 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships. The event, which commences on September 14th and continues until September 17th, will be hosted in Elk Grove, California.

Athlete Profile:

Age: 22 years

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Division: Men’s V2

Events: Slalom, Trick, and Jump

Personal Best in Trick: 400pts

Jonathan Sieswerda stands as a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, this young sensation has taken the adaptive water ski world by storm. Born visually impaired, Jonathan only has peripheral vision, but that hasn’t stopped him from chasing and achieving his dreams.

Jonathan made his foray into the water ski community just two years ago during a ‘Give it a Go Day’ in the spring of 2021. Since that fateful day, there’s been no stopping him. He participates with zeal in all three main events – slalom, trick, and jump – under the Men’s V2 division.

Greatest Accomplishments:

  • Mastered the challenging O-move on the trick ski.
  • On the brink of marking his first successful jump.

Memorable Moments:

For Jonathan, the journey is as significant as the destination. His participation in the 2021 US Nationals wasn’t just about the competition, but also about the lasting bonds he formed. His fondest memory from the event is the countless inspiring individuals he met and the camaraderie they shared.

Future Goals:

Jonathan’s ambition is sky-high. His primary objectives include:

  • Successfully landing his first jump.
  • Mastering a wide range of tricks to further enhance his skillset.
  • Establishing himself as a dominant competitor in the slalom event.

Fans and enthusiasts can catch the live results and schedule at this link, and the live webcast of the event at this link,

About Adaptive Water Ski Canada:

Adaptive Water Ski Canada champions the spirit of inclusive sportsmanship, nurturing and showcasing the talents of adaptive water ski athletes on both national and international platforms.

Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography.