Adaptive Water Ski Canada Announces Nolan Barnes’ Participation in the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships

Adaptive Water Ski Canada proudly announces that Nolan Barnes will represent Team Canada at the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships. The world-renowned event is set to take place in Elk Grove, California, from September 14th to September 17th.

Nolan Barnes, a prominent figure in the world of water skiing, has an inspirational journey that speaks volumes about resilience and passion. A mere few days after being discharged from the hospital due to a severe back injury in the summer of 2010, Nolan took to water skiing. “I had never imagined to be competing on the national team someday, or for it all to happen so soon,” he shares.

Over the years, Nolan has proved his mettle in the sport. A three-event water skier, he has amassed numerous national medals. In 2019, he clinched his first international medal in Norway at the Disabled Waterski World Championships. But that was just the beginning. In the same year, Nolan achieved his dream of breaking the MP two slalom world record, an ambition he had held since 2015. This accolade was soon followed by a second overall placement at the world championships.

This year, owing to a recent injury, Nolan will focus solely on the trick event. “It’s the easiest on my ankle,” he explains. However, his ambitions remain undimmed as he is tantalizingly close to shattering the trick world record. “I had my eyes set on that all summer long,” Nolan adds.

Water skiing has transformed Nolan’s life perspective. He mentions, “Water skiing has given me a new look on life, and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without it.”

Fans and enthusiasts can catch the live results and schedule at this link, and the live webcast of the event at this link,

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