Charlie Ross Competes at the 2022 Jr. Masters. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography.

Ontario’s Charlie Ross wins the Jr. Masters Water Ski Tournament. 

Charlie competed in the Jr. Men’s Slalom event at the Jr. Masters in Pine Mountain, GA today. In the semifinal round, Charlie ran 3@10.75m, enough to punch his ticket into the finals and to be top seed in the finals. This meant that he would be the last skier off the dock in the Jr. Men’s Slalom Finals and would know what he needed to win, not to mention extra pressure of knowing the score to beat. 

In Finals, Charlie scored 3@11.25m which earned him the title of 2023 Jr. Masters Slalom Champion. This made Charlie a back-to-back Jr. Masters Champion as he won the Jr. Masters Men’s Slalom Title in 2022.

Charlie will compete in the O’brien Scholarship Challenge: Jr. Men’s Slalom Head-to-Head. During this event, the top two skiers in the Jr. Men’s division at the Jr. Masters will compete in a head-to-head format vying for a scholarship from O’brien Watersports. 

In the Jr. Women’s Slalom event, Canada’s Nellie Allard and Megan Pelkey placed 5th and 6th, respectively. Nellie scored 3.5@14m and Megan scored 3@14m. 

The Jr. Masters features the best Junior water skiers from around the world. The Masters is considered one of the most prestigious watersports events throughout the world. The Masters is held on Robin Lake in Callaway Gardens. The lake was built specifically for the Masters competition which is held every year on Memorial Day weekend. 

For results and live webcast, visit https://www.masterswaterski.com/