Positive mental health is a team effort. By talking about it, we help each other. #BellLetsTalk

How can I help end the stigma about mental health?

There are five simple ways everyone can help end the stigma that keeps two out of three people who struggle with mental health silent:

1) Realize that language matters and choose appropriate words and phrases that don’t hurt others.

2) Educate yourself because having the right tools, knowing the right words, and truly understanding how to speak to someone with mental illness can be a difference maker.

3) Be kind and offer support. Do the little things that let someone know you are open for conversation and there for them.

4) Listen and ask. You can help someone take the first step to recovering their mental health by just really hearing what they have to say and asking how you can assist.

5) Finally, just talk about it.

Click here for more info and resources: https://letstalk.bell.ca/en/get-help