Adaptive Water Ski Canada Announces Rob Gosse’s Participation in the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships

Adaptive Water Ski Canada is thrilled to announce that Rob Gosse will be representing Team Canada at the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships held in Elk Grove, California. The competition is scheduled from September 14th to September 17th, and the world is eagerly waiting to witness the spectacular performance of athletes like Gosse.

Athlete Profile:

Division: Men’s MP5

Events: Slalom, Trick, Jump

Personal Bests:

  • Slalom: 1.5 buoys
  • Trick: 900pts
  • Jump: 8.25m

Age: 50 years

Hometown: Langley, BC

About Rob Gosse:

From the picturesque town of Langley, BC, Rob Gosse is not merely an athlete. He embodies resilience, determination, and the undying spirit of an individual who turns challenges into opportunities. Rob’s life took an unexpected turn 17 years ago when he became a paraplegic. But instead of letting that define him, Rob channeled his energy into adaptive sports, making a mark on both the snow and the water.

Initially drawn to the adrenaline rush of alpine slopes, Rob later discovered the exhilarating world of water skiing. Within no time, the waters became his playground, and Rob has since been an inspiration to many, proving that with dedication and passion, there are no limits.

As Rob readies himself to compete in the Men’s MP5 division for slalom, trick, and jump, the nation stands behind him, cheering for another stellar performance that showcases not just his talent but the power of the human spirit.

Fans and enthusiasts can catch the live results and schedule at this link, and the live webcast of the event at this link,

About Adaptive Water Ski Canada:

Adaptive Water Ski Canada champions the spirit of inclusive sportsmanship, nurturing and showcasing the talents of adaptive water ski athletes on both national and international platforms.