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Lakesurf Sista offers lessons on YOUR Boat or with your wakesurf school, on Okanagan Lake. Lakesurf Sista, Carly Newell, has an extensive wake history, competing for years as a National sponsored wakeboarder and in her more recent years, Carly competed in the Wakesurf World ranking system, with her highlight of winning the 2019 World Wakesurf Championships in the Masters Skim division. Carly also has over a decade of instructing on the water with her National Coaching Certification (NCCP), and she often is a special guest for local wakesurf schools looking to progress their skills and surf knowledge. For more information, go to or on Instagram follow @lakesurfsista

Disciplines: WaterskiWakeboardWakesurf
Contact Phone:2508707827
Mailing Address:not available



Lakesurf Sista
210 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1H2, Canada

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