SkiAbility Program Outline and Application Now Available

The 2018 SkiAbility program overview and application are now available. SkiAbility is a program designed to encourage Canadians with a disability to learn and enjoy the sport of towed water sports. With proper instruction, equipment and access, towed watersports have proven to be an easily adaptable, safe and healthy activity for virtually any person with a physical or intellectual disability.

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Thanks to extensive work done by a number of key individuals, water ski equipment and training is available for people of all abilities. Your next question should be: “Is my local ski school, camp, or club “ski-able”? Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) officially launched SkiAbility in June 2005. The program focuses on increasing participation in water skiing and other towed water sports for persons with a disability.

There is an estimated 5.3 million Canadians with a disability. Currently, this population is under-represented in the world of towed water sports, largely for reasons of limited access, minimal programming and lack of awareness and knowledge on the part of both activity providers and persons with a disability.

SkiAbility program leaders are located across the country, either working at their own schools/clubs, or ready to deliver clinics upon demand. A common misconception is that SkiAbility programs only cater to sit-skiers. This is simply not true. SkiAbility is a program designed to be inclusive to all members of the disabled community whether physically or intellectually disabled. Across Canada, we have athletes participating and competing in wakeboarding, barefoot and all forms of classic water skiing with visual impairments and leg and/or arm amputations in addition to sit skiers.

For those clubs/schools who are not yet “ski-able”, now is the time to take that step.  Most individuals with a disability are not only thrilled to get involved in sport, but once involved are enthusiastic ambassadors that want to share the passion. You simply need to extend the invitation. Bringing water sports to all people is what SkiAbility is all about.

We can’t do this without your support! Help us demonstrate that everyone has the right to participate in sport and get out there and ask your local ski school if they are “ski-able.” SkiAbility is made possible with the financial assistance of Sport Canada’s Sport Participation Development Program.

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