In a significant move to enhance the standardisation and quality of water ski competitions across Canada, the Technical Committee of Water Ski Canada (WSC) is pleased to announce the formal adoption of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) Rule Book, supplemented by a Canadian Additional Rules (Addendum), as the new official rulebook governing all Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada water ski sanctioned competitions.

This pivotal adoption aligns Canadian water skiing more closely with international standards, ensuring that Canadian athletes and officials are well-prepared and familiar with the rules that govern international competitions. “Adopting the IWWF Rule Book, along with our specific Canadian Addition Rules (Addendum), represents a strategic step towards harmonizing our competition rules with global standards,” said Chuck Kraus, Chair of the Technical Committee of Water Ski Canada.

The adoption of the IWWF Rule Book, supplemented by a local addendum, is consistent with existing practice in virtually all other jurisdictions, including Australia, Great Britain, France, Spain, and the Europe & Africa Region. The Canadian Additional Rules (Addendum) addresses specific national considerations and adaptations, ensuring that the IWWF Rule Book applies effectively within the unique context of Canadian water skiing. This integration facilitates a smoother transition for athletes competing internationally and supports Canadian officials in mastering the rules that are used on the world stage.

“Our athletes are competing and excelling on an international platform. It is essential that the rules guiding our national competitions are consistent with what our teams face abroad,” added Russ Dickson, President of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada. “This adoption not only helps in training our athletes and officials with a global perspective but also enhances the integrity and fairness of our competitions.”

Water Ski Canada is committed to providing continuous education and resources to ensure that all stakeholders, including athletes, coaches, and officials, are updated and fully informed about the new rule book. Upcoming workshops and seminars will be held across the country to facilitate a comprehensive understanding and implementation of the IWWF rules and the Canadian Addendum.

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WSC 2024 Rulebook/Addendum: