Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) is pleased to announce Bella McCurdy as the recipient of the 2023 Female Junior Show Ski Athlete of the Year Award. Bella’s journey into the world of show skiing is a testament to her dedication, passion, and love for the sport. 

Bella started water skiing at a young age, as she grew up skiing with her cousins. However, the pivotal moment of attending the Worlds held in Ontario ignited her love for show skiing competitively. With a background in dance, Bella naturally gravitated towards swivel skiing as she taught herself. She then ventured into pyramids, initially learning alongside her cousins. 

Bella’s journey reached new heights when she joined Show Ski Canada’s development program. Being part of the development team not only fueled Bella’s motivation but also deepened her passion for the sport. Throughout the season, Bella immersed herself in training, seizing every opportunity to be out on the water. The camaraderie among coaches and teammates further enriched her experience, forging friendships that will last a lifetime. 

Bella has been working hard on swivel skiing and pyramids but pyramids has become her favourite. Although, Bella is looking forward to exploring doubles in the future. 

A favourite moment for Bella this summer was bearing the Canadian flag atop the pyramid during the end-of-season Ski Show. It was a proud and unforgettable moment for Bella, symbolizing her dedication to the sport and her country. 

Bella’s journey serves as an inspiration to all aspiring athletes. We look forward to witnessing her continued success and growth in the sport. 


Photo Credit: Kirsten Artichuk

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) is pleased to announce that Ethan Strangway is the recipient of the 2023 WSWC Male Junior Show Ski Athlete of the Year Award. This award recognises Ethan’s outstanding dedication, skill, and passion for show skiing. Despite this being his first year in the Show Ski Canada’s development program, Ethan has demonstrated remarkable talent and commitment to the sport. 

In 2023, Ethan took on new challenges, including learning to jump and barefoot. These endeavours demonstrate his fearless spirit and willingness to push his boundaries in pursuit of excellence. Despite being relatively new to these disciplines, Ethan’s progress has been nothing short of impressive, reflecting his natural talent and relentless work ethic. 

WSWC and Show Ski Canada look forward to watching Ethan learn and grow in the sport. 


Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) is thrilled to announce Jenny Fairbrass as the recipient of the prestigious 2023 Female Show Ski Athlete of the Year award. Jenny’s remarkable journey, dedication, and outstanding contributions to the sport have made her a true inspiration to all in the water ski community. 

In the 2022 season, Jenny faced a significant setback when she sustained an injury. Despite this challenge, her resilience shone brightly as she continued to support her team wholeheartedly, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the sport. 

Jenny’s exceptional talent and expertise have seen her represent Canada on the world stage multiple times. Jenny is currently gearing up to represent Canada at her fifth Worlds Show in Australia come March 2025. Her specialties include ballet, swivel, and pyramid where she captivates the audience. 

Not only does Jenny excel on the water, but she also leads by example, both on and off the water. Her actions and words have consistently inspired her teammates, earning her the reputation of a true leader within the Canadian show ski community. Jenny’s leadership qualities have been further recognized with her recent appointment as a member of the Show Ski Council, a testament to her dedication and influence within the sport. 

In recognition of Jenny’s outstanding achievements, leadership, and unwavering dedication to the sport of show skiing, Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is proud to honour her as the 2023 WSWC Female Show Ski Athlete of the Year.


Photo Credit: Taylor Nullmeyer

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) is proud to announce Darby Paddon as the recipient of the 2023 WSWC Male Show Ski Athlete of the Year Award!

Darby Paddon has been an integral part of the Show Ski Canada community since 2016, consistently demonstrating unparalleled skill and dedication to the sport. With an impressive track record and an unwavering passion for show skiing, Darby’s contributions have not gone unnoticed.  

Darby is currently gearing up for his 5th Show Ski Worlds in March 2025. His versatility is unmatched, being able to do pyramids, barefoot, wakeboard, and his specialty, freestyle jump. Darby competed in the inaugural Canadian Freestyle Nationals this year where he clinched a well deserved 2nd place. 

Darby is one of the top all around skiers and leaders on Team Canada. Beyond his individual achievements, Darby embodies the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship, serving as a beacon of leadership both on and off the water. His willingness to mentor and support fellow athletes on the National Team and Development Team exemplifies his commitment to the growth and success of the show skiing community. 

Darby’s passion, talent, and dedication have left a mark on the Canadian show skiing community, and Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is proud to honour him as the 2023 WSWC Male Show Ski Athlete of the Year. 

Congratulations Darby on this incredible achievement, we look forward to watching your continued success in the years to come. 


Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) is elated to share the remarkable achievements of Canadian athletes across towed water sports during the 2023 season. Athletes from Water Ski Canada, Wake Canada, Adaptive Water Ski Canada, Show Ski Canada, and Barefoot Canada showcased their unparalleled talent and dedication, earning accolades on the national and  international stage.

Canadian water ski athletes excelled at the 21 Water Ski Pro Events held across the world, amassing an impressive 14 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals throughout the year. The 2023 IWWF World Water Ski Championships saw Canada securing four medals and a coveted spot on the Team Overall Podium. Notable achievements include Ryan Dodd of Olds, AB, winning Men’s Jump, Jaimee Bull of North Bay, ON, triumphing in Women’s Slalom, Stephen Neveu of Calgary, AB, securing 3rd place in Men’s Slalom, and Dorien Llewellyn of Innisfail, AB, achieving 3rd place in Men’s Overall.

The 2022 IWWF U17 World Water Ski Championships were held in January of 2023 this year. Team Canada placed 2nd in the Team Overall event and won four individual medals with three of them being gold. Alberta’s Megan Pelkey placed 3rd in Girls Trick and won Girls Overall. Quebec’s Hannah Stopnicki won Girls Trick and Quebec’s Nellie Allard won Girls Jump. 

The 2023 IWWF U21 World Water Ski Championships were held in Mexico this year. Canada’s sole medal came from Ontario’s Charlie Ross who won gold in Men’s Slalom. 

The 2023 Santiago Pan American Games further showcased WSWC’s success on the water, with Canadian athletes bringing home nine medals in various disciplines. Dorien Llewellyn’s outstanding performance included a victory in Men’s Overall, 2nd place in Men’s Trick and Men’s Jump. Paige Rini of Ontario secured 2nd place in Women’s Overall, 3rd in Women’s Slalom, and 3rd in Women’s Jump. Neilly Ross of Ontario achieved 2nd place in Women’s Trick and 2nd in Women’s Slalom. Wake Canada’s Hunter Smith of Vancouver, BC, claimed 2nd place in Men’s Wakeboard at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games.

Bailey Rush of Gull Lake, AB, represented Wake Canada with distinction, dominating the 2023 Competitive Wake Surf Association (CWSA) World Championships. Bailey secured 1st place in Pro Female Skim and 1st in Pro Female Surf, marking a phenomenal year for Wake Canada on the global stage.

On the National stage, Wake Canada had the 2023 Wakeboard & Wakeskate Boat Nationals hosted by Wake BC and the 2023 Wakeboard & Wakeskate Wake Park Nationals hosted by Wake Ontario this summer. 

The 2023 Wakeboard & Wakeskate Boat Nationals was host to over 60 riders who competed at Deas island Regional Park in Delta, BC. To learn more about the event and for results, CLICK HERE

The 2023 Wakeboard & Wakeskate Wake Park Nationals featured over 80 riders who competed at Planet Bayou Wake Park in Dufferin County, ON. To learn more about the event and for results, CLICK HERE.

Adaptive Water Ski Canada made history at the 2023 IWWF World Disabled Water Ski Championships by earning Canada’s first-ever team medal at a Worlds, securing a remarkable 2nd place. Additionally, Blake Lamontagne of Wawota, SK, a member of the Adaptive Water Ski Canada team set a World Record in MP3 Men’s Tricks at the World Championships. Team Canada brought home six individual medals, including Ashley Baerg of Dalmeny, SK, achieving 3rd place in Seated Ladies Slalom, 2nd in Seated Ladies Jump, and 3rd in Seated Ladies Overall. Gord Tuck of Lake Cowichan, BC, secured 2nd place in Standing Men Slalom, Blake Lamontagne claimed 2nd place in Seated Men Tricks, and Phil Kerr of Ontario achieved 3rd place in Seated Men Jump.

Show Ski Canada celebrated a milestone by hosting their first-ever Freestyle Jump Nationals this season. This exciting addition to the calendar highlighted the organization’s commitment to innovation and growth within the sport. Furthermore, Show Ski Canada formed a strategic partnership with Splash Blast Canada, enhancing the spectator experience and bringing an extra dimension to the events.

This year, Barefoot Canada sent five competitors on Team Canada to the 2023 IWWF World Open, Under 23 & Junior Barefoot Waterski Championships in Mulwala Australia. Canada also had two officials at the event. During the season, there were multiple events and clinics held throughout Canada. Two barefoot jump clinics were held this summer to continue the development of new jumpers.

WSWC extends heartfelt congratulations to all the athletes and sport disciplines for their outstanding achievements, exemplifying Canada’s dominance in towed water sports globally.

Hunter Smith places 2nd in Men’s Wakeboard at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. Photo by Express Media / Panam Sports.

Team Canada at the 2023 IWWF World Water Ski Championships. Photo by Johnny Hayward Photography.

Team Canada at the 2023 Barefoot World Championships. Photo by: Kym Bond & IWWF Facebook.


Award Information & Criteria

It’s that exciting time of the year again when we come together to celebrate the outstanding individuals who contribute to the success of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC). WSWC is thrilled to announce the commencement of the nomination period for the 2023 WSWC Awards.

Objectives of the Awards

  • Honor the Best Representatives: Recognize individuals who epitomize excellence in their respective roles within our sport.
  • Stimulate Pursuit of Excellence: Encourage athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers to continually strive for greatness.
  • Favor Visibility of Excellence: Showcase and promote outstanding achievements throughout the country.
  • Create a Link with Sponsors and the Public: Strengthen the connection between excellence in our sport, our valued sponsors, and the broader public.

Award Categories for Public Nomination

  1. Steve Bush Coach of the Year
  2. Official of the Year
  3. Volunteer of the Year

Eligibility and Nominations

  • Nominations are open to WSWC members, including individuals, clubs, schools, and provincial associations.
  • Individual nominees must be WSWC members in good standing and Canadian citizens.
  • Nominations for each award must be made by a WSWC member in good standing.

Nomination Process

Please complete the nomination form in full to ensure that your nominee is considered for these prestigious awards. CLICK HERE for the nomination form.

Athlete Awards Nomination Details

The 2023 WSWC Athlete Awards will be nominated by and selected through the dedicated efforts of the respective sport councils/committees. This ensures a thorough and comprehensive evaluation, reflecting the excellence and dedication of our athletes.

Contact Information

For any inquiries or assistance with the nomination process, please contact:

Email: taryn@wswc.ca

Deadline for Nominations

The deadline for submitting nominations is December 31, 2023.

Note: Nominations are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are only reviewed by Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada and Selection Committee members.


French Translation | Traduction en français


Information sur les prix et critères

C’est encore cette période excitante de l’année où nous nous réunissons pour célébrer les personnes exceptionnelles qui contribuent au succès de Ski nautique et planche Canada (SNPC). SNPC est ravi d’annoncer le début de la période de mise en candidature pour les Prix SNPC 2023.

Objectifs des prix

  • Honorer les meilleurs représentants : Reconnaître les personnes qui incarnent l’excellence dans leurs rôles respectifs au sein de notre sport.
  • Stimuler la poursuite de l’excellence : Encourager les athlètes, les entraîneurs, les officiels et les bénévoles à rechercher continuellement l’excellence.
  • Favoriser la visibilité de l’excellence : Présenter et promouvoir les réalisations exceptionnelles dans tout le pays.
  • Créer un lien avec les sponsors et le public : Renforcer le lien entre l’excellence dans notre sport, nos précieux sponsors et le grand public.

Catégories de prix pour les nominations publiques

  1. Entraîneur de l’année Steve Bush
  2. Officiel de l’année
  3. Bénévole de l’année

Éligibilité et nominations

  • Les nominations sont ouvertes aux membres de SNPC, y compris les individus, les clubs, les écoles et les associations provinciales.
  • Les candidats individuels doivent être membres en règle de SNPC et citoyens canadiens.
  • Les nominations pour chaque prix doivent être proposées par un membre en règle de SNPC.

Procédure de nomination

Veuillez remplir le formulaire de nomination dans son intégralité afin que votre candidat soit pris en considération pour ces prix prestigieux. CLIQUEZ ICI pour obtenir le formulaire de nomination.

Détails de la nomination pour le Prix de l’Athlète

Les Prix de l’Athlète 2023 de SNPC seront nommés et sélectionnés par les efforts dévoués des conseils/comités sportifs respectifs. Cela garantit une évaluation approfondie et complète, reflétant l’excellence et le dévouement de nos athlètes.


Pour toute demande de renseignements ou d’assistance concernant le processus de nomination, veuillez contacter :

Courriel : taryn@wswc.ca

Date limite pour les nominations

La date limite de dépôt des candidatures est fixée au 31 décembre 2023.

Note : Les mises en candidature sont traitées avec la plus grande confidentialité et ne sont examinées que par Ski nautique et planche Canada et les membres du comité de sélection.|


This summer, history was made in the world of water skiing and wakeboarding as Show Ski Canada proudly hosted the first-ever Freestyle Jump Nationals, a thrilling competition that showcased the very best of Canada’s freestyle water ski jump talents. This groundbreaking event, officially sanctioned as nationals, took place at Gull Lake Rotary Park in Gravenhurst, Ontario. It marked a significant step forward in the development of this exhilarating discipline in Canada.

The Art of Freestyle Waterski Jumping

Freestyle waterski jumping is a captivating blend of acrobatics and water skiing, often seen in the awe-inspiring ski show performances. It involves heart-stopping flips and spins executed by fearless athletes on both one and two skis. While this discipline has long been a favorite in the United States, complete with regional competitions, national championships, and a professional tour boasting hundreds of participants, it has only recently started gaining prominence in the Canadian show ski community.

At the last world tournament, Canada proudly fielded five freestyle jumpers, with two of them achieving top-ten finishes, showcasing the nation’s potential in this exhilarating sport.

A Competition to Remember

The inaugural Freestyle Jump Nationals witnessed a commendable turnout, with 15 athletes initially registered for the competition. Although a few had to withdraw due to injuries, it didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the remaining 12 jumpers who competed across two captivating categories.

The categories that took center stage were:

Heli Category: In this category, jumpers demonstrated their aerial mastery with a 360-degree spectacle, pushing the boundaries of acrobatic waterski jumping.

Open Category: With no restrictions, athletes in this category had the freedom to choose between one or two skis, creating an exhilarating showcase of creativity and skill.

The competition featured the standard jump, standing at an impressive 5.5 feet high, similar to those seen in long-distance jump competitions. The participants were fortunate to utilize the existing ski jump at Gull Lake Rotary Park, where the Muskoka Extreme ski shows are hosted every Wednesday night throughout the summer, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

The event also attracted a diverse audience, with the families of the skiers offering their unwavering support, alongside curious spectators who had learned about the event through township advertisements.

Results that Soared

In the spirit of competition and celebration, the Freestyle Jump Nationals saw incredible performances across the board. In the Heli Category, the following athletes were on top:

Heli Category:

  1. Charlie Newlands
  2. Paul Knight
  3. Baxter Legace

In the Open Category, these exceptional athletes took home top honors:

Open Category:

  1. Jordan Long
  2. Darby Paddon
  3. David Brandstetter

A Bright Future for Freestyle Waterski Jumping in Canada

Beyond the medals and accolades, the true purpose of the event was to foster the growth of freestyle water ski jumping in Canada. The sport has been on an upward trajectory in recent years, and competitions like the Freestyle Jump Nationals provide athletes with the motivation to push their skills to new heights.

The inaugural Freestyle Jump Nationals was a resounding success and a testament to the incredible talent within the Canadian water ski and wakeboard community. Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is excited to look forward to another exciting season, as we continue to celebrate the thrilling world of freestyle waterski jumping.

Thank you to all participants, sponsors, and spectators who made this historic event possible. Your support is instrumental in elevating this extraordinary sport to new heights!

Sponsors and Prizes

The success of the Freestyle Jump Nationals wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to:

  • Flyman Skis
  • The Creative Care
  • Navigator Visuals
  • 11/17 Apparel
  • Muskoka Extreme
  • Summer Water Sports

These sponsors not only contributed to the event’s success but also offered fantastic prizes that added an extra layer of excitement to the competition.


Congratulations to Zack Pham-Dinh, 2022 WSWC Junior Show Ski Athlete of the Year!

Zack Pham-Dinh started water skiing at age 3 on Sparrow Lake and on the Ottawa River. He has now been show skiing and training with the amazing athletes at SWS, Muskoka Extreme, Fern Resort, and the Canadian Junior Development Team which he has been a part of for 2 years.
Zack is a natural show skier and has effortlessly learned how to jump, do shoulder starts, base 2-1 pyramids, and is learning doubles. He also placed 3rd Barefoot Nationals in his age category.
Zack is dedicated to training in all disciplines, has great sportsmanship and has a bright future ahead.


Congratulations to Jordan Long, 2022 WSWC Male Show Ski Athlete of the Year!

Jordan Long is an exceptional show skier and a specialist in many disciplines including freestyle ski jumping, barefooting, hydro foiling, and wakeboarding. With his diverse skillset, he generously volunteers his time to coach up-and-coming skiers on the development team. He has been a key performer at the last 5 World Water Ski Show Championships. At the most recent World Championships in 2022, Jordan came 9th in the freestyle jumping individuals’ division and performed in 6 out of 13 acts in Team Canada’s competitive show. At the same event, he skied his way to winning the Male MVP Award of the entire tournament. In addition to this honour, Jordan was named 2022 @iwwfed Male Show Ski Athlete of the Year. He was also one of two Canadian athletes nominated for the Ski Show Podcast awards this year.


Congratulations to Carly Jones, 2022 WSWC Female Show Ski Athlete of the Year!

Carly Jones is Canada’s top swivel skier and placed 7th at the 2022 World Championships in the individual swivel ski competition. As part of Team Canada, Carly participated in most acts during the show; star swivel, pyramid, barefoot pyramid, women’s barefoot flyer, doubles, and ballet.
Carly is dedicated to the sport like no other. At the 2022 World Championships, she injured her knee during the show on Saturday. Although injured, that did not stop her from performing in the show on Sunday. She did not want to let the team down and persevered through her difficult acts.
Carly not only trains herself, but she also is a volunteer coach for the development team. She has a true passion for the sport, and it shows through her constant skill development and her mentorship.


Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada would like to invite you to nominate for the 2022 WSWC Awards. 

It’s that time of year again to celebrate the people who make a difference in our sport, recognize outstanding achievements and celebrate the success of our members! 

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada believe in supporting excellence by recognizing exceptional performances of our athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers. 

The objective of these awards are: 

  • To honour the best representatives of our sport 
  • Stimulate our representatives pursuit of excellence
  • To favour the visibility of excellence throughout the country 
  • To create a link of our excellence with our sponsors and the public 

Nominations are open to the WSWC members. All individual nominees must be WSWC members in good standing and Canadian citizens. Nominations for each award must be made by any two WSWC members in good standing. 

The award categories are: 


  •       Male Water Ski Athlete of the Year 
  •       Female Water Ski Athlete of the Year 
  •       Male Junior Water Ski Athlete of the Year 
  •       Female Junior Water Ski Athlete of the Year 


  •       Wakesurf Athlete of the Year 
  •       Wakeboard Athlete of the Year 
  •       Cable Park Athlete of the Year 
  •       Wakeskate Athlete of the Year 


  •       Male Adaptive Athlete of the Year
  •       Female Athlete of the Year 
  •       Top Show Ski Athlete of the Year (female or male)


  •       Male Barefoot Athlete of the Year
  •       Female Barefoot Athlete of the Year
  •       Junior Barefoot Athlete of the Year (female or male) 


  •       Male Show Ski Athlete of the Year
  •       Female Show Ski Athlete of the Year 
  •       Junior Show Ski Athlete of the Year (female or male)


  •       Steve Bush Coach of the Year – amongst all disciplines
  •       Official of the Year – amongst all disciplines
  •       Volunteer of the Year – amongst all disciplines





Deadline for Nominations: February 14, 2023 

Should you have any questions, please contact:
Email: Taryn@wswc.ca

NOTE: Nominations are kept confidential and only reviews by Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada and Selection Committee members.



Congratulations to the newly elected members of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s (WSWC) five recognized Sport Councils.

The Sport Councils of WSWC include Adaptive, Barefoot, Show Ski, Wake, and Water Ski.

The role of the Sport Councils is to support and advance the growth and progression of their
sports while staying true to their sport culture.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been selected by our membership to join
their respective councils.

Adaptive Council
– David Wassill
– Rae-Lee Colcleugh
– Lisa Williams

Barefoot Council
– Daniel Lariviere

Show Ski Council
– Todd Hounsome

Wake Council
– Tanner Champion
– Caro Villeneuve

Water Ski Council
– Chuck Kraus
– Drew Ross


In March 2020 Team Canada traveled to beautiful Mulwala, New South Wales, Australia to compete at the 2020 IWWF World Water Show Ski Tournament. Team Canada only had 3 days on the water before the tournament was cancelled due COVID-19, however; the team had a great experience and used our time to practice and make the best of a situation beyond our control. Taking 17 Canadian show skiers to Australia is no easy task. This could have not been possible without the commitment and leadership of Todd Hounsome, Charlie Newlands, Jordan Long, Jeff Waite and Krista McKenzie. The team owes a debt of gratitude to our sponsor club at the tournament, the Western Australian Water Ski Show Team who helped Team Canada with equipment and personnel. In Canada, our team trains and skis with Summer Water Sports and Fern Resort and we are very grateful to them for supplying the equipment and training sites for the Canadian team. Lastly, we would like to thank both Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario and Water Ski Wakeboard Canada for their continued support.

The summer of 2020 was not what we or anyone expected. Due to the nature of show skiing we are a
very “hands on” sport, so performing shows and practicing our acts was cancelled due to COVID-19
protocols. This was the first summer in many years that most of our lakes were not the backdrop to
some epic ski shows, and we can not wait to get back out there together! Our skiers certainly made the
best of the season with lots of time on the water practicing individual acts and enjoying the time spent
focusing on personal skills. It was never more prevalent then the summer of 2020 to remind us why we
love to be on the water so much.

Show Ski Canada has now selected a preliminary roster list consisting of 48 names from which we will be selecting a final roster of 35 team members to compete at the 2022 World Water Ski Show Tournament. Development team skiers (more info below) are also eligible for a spot on the final roster. With only two summers to prepare, the next World Show Ski Tournament is in Winter Haven, Florida in October 2022. Beginning in summer 2021, the team will be hosting preliminary roster practices, where the selection committee will assess team member progression. Following this, the selection committee will name a final roster consisting of 29 skiers, 3 drivers, 1 announcer, 1 pick-up boat driver, 1 sound technician plus an additional select few alternate athletes that will have the option of travelling with the team to the 2022 Worlds Tournament.

New this year, Show Ski Canada has named a junior and senior development team. This is the first step in building a sustainable program to expand and develop show ski talent from coast to coast. The Show Ski Committee has hand-selected this group of promising athletes to sharpen their water ski skills and introduce them to the world of show skiing. We will host development team practices starting in the summer of 2021 where we will focus on both individual and show ski team disciplines. As the skiers’ progress, they have the potential to secure a spot on the 2022 Canadian Waterski Show Ski Team.

Show Ski Canada Council
Sandy Becher
Lindsay McKenzie
Charlie Newlands
Jordan Long
Todd Hounsome



Nominations are now open for any interested person to apply for the Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) Sport Councils. WSWC recognizes the following five Sport Councils:

  • Adaptive
  • Barefoot
  • Show Ski
  • Wake Sports (Wakeboard, Wake Park, Wakesurf, Wakeskate)
  • Water Ski

The Sport Councils of WSWC represent the stakeholders of each of the five identified sports. The role of the Sport Councils is to support and advance the growth and progression of their sports while staying true to their sport culture.

Developed in consultation with the Sport Councils, the Sport Council Terms of Reference, outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Sport Councils and provides an overarching framework for how the Sport Councils operate within WSWC, in an effort to increase transparency, accountability and engagement. A key component of implementation of the Sport Council Terms of Reference was the restructuring of the Sport Councils to include appointed and elected positions.

Based on this restructuring, the Sport Councils composition is as follows.

As per the Sport Council Terms of Reference, those eligible to vote for the Council elections will be those individuals (18 years of age and older) with a full individual or family membership type with their Provincial Sport Organization, who have identified the sport as their primary discipline.

Nominations are now open for any interested person to apply for the WSWC Sport Councils.  Nominations will be accepted thru to October 18, 2020.

To learn more, please see:

Deadline for Nominations: October 18, 2020

For more information, please contact:

Jasmine Northcott, Chief Executive Officer

Toll Free 1-888-526-0685





Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada are pleased to announce the 2019 annual award recipients. While generally presented to the recipients at their respective National Championships, the is an unusual year. While we have miss not being able to gather at our National events, we are thankful for our online community through which we can celebrate and recognize the achievements of our 2019 award recipients.

Unique to 2019, we are very pleased to award the Volunteer of the Year to two couples of who played a significant role in 2019!

The Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Annual Awards celebrate the people who make a difference in our sport, recognize outstanding achievements and celebrate the success of our members!

The objectives of these awards are:
-To honor the best representatives of our sport
-Stimulate our representatives in the pursuit of excellence
-To favour the visibility of excellence throughout the country
-To create a link of our excellence with our sponsors and the public

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada are pleased to celebrate the following individuals by recognizing the exceptional performances of our athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers.

Congratulations to the 2019 Award Recipients!

PLEASE NOTE:  Wake awards will be administered by the Wake Committee at a later date.