THE RESULTS ARE IN!! Show Ski Canada Raffle #2

Show Ski Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Canadian Show Ski Worlds Team Raffle. 

Once again, we are overwhelmed and humbled by the tremendous response from the community and their support for Show Ski Canada. Thank you to everyone for their continued support!

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1. $1,500.00 Karl Klotzbach 

2.  $750.00 Mary-Lee Koyl (Athlete: Maxine Hood)

3. $500.00 William Bazeley

4. $250.00 Judy Hutchinson (Athlete: Katelyn Fairbrass)

5. $150.00 Zach Grossman

6. $100.00 Deacon Newlands (Athlete: Geordie Newlands)

7. $50.00 Louise Pegg (Athlete: Ian Pegg)

8. $50.00 George Bofill (Athlete: Carly Jones)

9.$50.00 Karen Long ( Athlete: Whitney Newlands)

10.$50.00 Linda Lowrey (Dez Bisschops)