InFlight is a short film that aims to bring awareness to the sport of WaterSki Flying aka Waterski Jumping. A handful of top flyers in the world have come together to work on this project. Our goal is to show what we do and inspire our viewers to get out on the water and believe that nothing is impossible.

The Waterski Community is a very special place for every single person involved in it. We want to bring the community together and show the world how amazing the sport of WaterSki Flying is and what the lifestyle of an elite athlete is all about. As one of the most diverse discipline of action sports in the world, we want to show our viewers what it feels like to hit a 6-ft tall ramp on waterskis while accelerating at 70mph on water. Generally, we sustain 5G’s of force and travel for about 260ft in the air. Every day we do things that have never been done before and put our lives and careers on the line for the future of our sport.

InFlight is an action-packed documentary that features few of the most influential athletes in waterski jumping. As we push the limits of what’s possible on jump skis, we share the unifying passion and unconditional bond created by the simple act of flying. InFlight shines a spotlight on the journeys of the jumpers united by the same goal – taking waterski jumping to the next level. The cast includes the World’s top ranked jumper Ryan “Beast Mode” Dodd of Canada, “The World’s Most Interesting Waterskier” Igor Morozov of Russia, Legendary Scot “Rocketman” Ellis, Zack “Atack” Worden from USA. InFlight was filmed in a number of locations in Florida. With the latest camera technology, creative camera angles, progressive skiing, and carefully curated soundtracks, InFlight challenges the general perception of what a waterski documentary can be. This film offers something for everyone. Whether you are a core waterskier or a fan, inFlight provides a unique inside look into the deep passion for waterski jumping. We will share our stories, talk about our lifestyle and the love for the sport.

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