Wakeboarding Tips – How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

While learning any new sport is going to be difficult to begin with, wakeboarding is known to be a towed water sport that can be picked up quicker than many others. If you want to kick start your wakeboarding training, there are a few tips to make the first few times more successful.

Article from: Discoverboating.ca

Wakeboarding Tips: How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

So you have finally decided to try one of the world’s greatest board sports. Wakeboarding is a great form of exercise and excitement. With all the excitement does come exhaustion though, so don’t be surprised if you can`t lift your arms tomorrow, that is perfectly normal. Also remember not to get frustrated, getting up on a wakeboard is very natural. Once a person starts to over think it, is when the problems occur. Try wearing a coast guard certified life vest as well. I know the thin neoprene vests look way cooler, but you`ll thank me when you didn`t swallow half the lake trying to keep afloat.  Now let’s get you up and riding.
Once you have the board firmly secured, lay back relaxed in the water. You want to have the board parallel with the horizon, so you can see your toes in front of you. From there you want to bend your knees to your chest and try and bring your ankles to your bum. The key to being successful at wakeboarding is making sure your knees are bent. When learning how to wakeboard an important phrase you will always hear is “bend your knees!!” So once you are in your comfortable, knees bent, toes showing position, place both hands on the handle palms facing down with your hands between your two bindings. You want to make sure your arms are straight and you keep your chest up. This creates the ideal “getting up” position
Once you are 100 percent ready yell to the driver. When the boat starts to tug, remember to keep your position. It is very much like someone helping you up from a sitting position. Keep your knees bent, arms straight, chest up and stay confident. Don`t try to pull yourself up or stand up to fast. You want to make sure you take your time. Once you feel like you have reached a comfortable position and your board is planning on top of the water begin to straighten up. Pull the handle to your leading hip, this will help you achieve your riding stance. Riding stance is when your shoulders and  toes are facing the shore but your head is looking at the boat. Remember to always bend at the knees. Don’t  bend at the hips, this is a common beginner mistake. This way you’ll look cool on the board instead of looking like a hunchback. That’s all it takes, good luck.
Hopefully this helps and you`ll be getting air in no time. If you are having problems it might be caused by some of these frequently made mistakes:
1)      Some people find themselves standing up too soon and sinking. You can correct this by waiting until your board is on top of the water before attempting to stand and turn your body. 
2)      Others find themselves getting pulled forward; this can be corrected by maintaining strong shoulders and arms with bent knees. Remember that comfortable position, it is key. 
3)      Others might find themselves trying to pull the boat instead of the boat pulling you. Try and let the boat do the work, that’s why you paid the big bucks for it.
Now get out on the water, there is really nothing like it. Have fun and enjoy the laughs, it can be quite fun to watch your friends learn.