OTTAWA, May 5, 2020- Water Ski and Wakeboard of Canada (WSWC) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Players Health (PH), a risk management services firm specializing in youth sports organizations. Players Health will act as and facilitate WSWC’s independent third party SafeSport reporting protocols; and WSWC will use the PH Rehab application to manage concussion protocols and PH Clear and Protect applications in order to administer and track background checks, incident reports, and more. The partnership is part of WSWC’s Safe Sport initiatives and will provide a fun and safe sports experience for all participants. 

The PH Dashboard of apps provides organizations with a comprehensive management system to track and manage data across key areas.   The PH Rehab application is a dashboard that facilitates injury reporting and management, and the PH Protect application is a dashboard for organizations to manage real-time incident reports and ensure their abuse and incident protocol is being followed. Athletes, coaches, guardians, and volunteers can use PH Protect as a secure and private way to report abuse, allowing the organization to track everything in a centralized and reliable place. Along with incident reports, PH Clear hosts all background checks for Water Ski Wakeboard of Canada coaches within one location.

“WSWC is pleased to partner with Players Health to deliver on our SafeSport programming,” says Jasmine Northcott, Chief Executive Officer, WSWC.  “SafeSport is paramount to a quality sport experience and the PH Dashboard of apps will provide WSWC with an exceptional level of system management and accountability.  It will allow us to administer and track background checks, training & education, concussion injuries, and incident reporting.  Further, it will provide our community with a safe, confidential and external third-party reporting mechanism for any incidences of bullying, abusive, discriminatory or harassing behaviour.   We look forward to continuing to build out our safe sports programming in partnership with Players Health.” 

About Player’s Health

Player’s Health is a sports services organization that provides digital risk management services and reporting tools to sports organizations to comply with the changing athletic environment and responsibilities. Player’s Health works towards establishing the safest environment for athletes and views the health and safety of athletes as a priority in today’s sports landscape. This requires creating and maintaining products that provide a circle of care for safety, trust, accountability, and accessibility for athletes. In doing so, Player’s Health is a company where the mission drives the business and creates an environment where fun and peace of mind lives in sports. For more information on Player’s Health, visit www.playershealth.com .

About Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is responsible for coordinating, growing and developing towed water sports from initiation to high performance through proactive advocacy, strengthened partnerships, effective communications, and coordinated leadership.

 Representing several brands, Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada has been in the business of serving the towed water sports community since 1949.  A non-profit organization, Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada is the sole national sport governing body and recognized water ski and wake sport authority in Canada, representing all competitive Canadian towed water sports – adaptive water skiing, barefoot, marathon, show ski, wake, and water ski.