Neilly Ross (left) and Paige Rini (right) celebrate after winning Silver and Bronze in Women’s Slalom at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games

History has been made today as Canada celebrates its first medals in Water Ski and Wakeboard at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. National athletes Neilly Ross and Paige Rini showcased their exceptional skills in the Women’s Slalom Finals earlier this morning.

Rini secured the bronze position with a commendable score of 1@10.75m/39off, while Ross earned the silver with a score of 3@10.75m/39off. 

The day is yet to conclude for these two outstanding athletes. Both will face challenging competitors in the Women’s Trick Finals later today. Furthermore, Paige Rini will be showcasing her talent in the Women’s Jump Finals.

When reflecting on today’s competition, Neilly Ross shared, “It was stressful.” Paige resonated with her teammate’s sentiment, “It was, it really was. You always have the podium score at the back of your mind. You don’t want to mess it up. As soon as I passed that score, I just told myself to go for it. Whatever happened, happened and we ended up on the podium.”

Neilly added, “Same for me. We both knew what the podium score would be. After reaching that point, you really have to go for it. We both did just that and now, we’re proud to bring home two medals for Canada.”

The support from their homeland has been a motivation for the athletes. Neilly reached out with a heartfelt message, “Thank you, Canada, for supporting us. We hope as many people as possible can support water skiing. It’s an incredible sport, so many people can get involved in it, and it’s so much fun.”

The spirited Paige Rini expressed her ongoing commitment and dedication, “I have the trick and jump finals coming up for later today. Then, a full day of overall tomorrow. It’s been fun, but it’s not over yet.”

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is immensely proud of Neilly Ross and Paige Rini for their remarkable achievements. The entire nation eagerly awaits their upcoming performances.

About Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada:

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Neilly Ross slaloming in the Women’s Slalom Finals on October 23, 2023 at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. Photo by Express Media Panam Sports