Neilly Ross of Canada competes in the Women’s Water Ski Slalom Finals during the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games on Monday, October 23, 2023. 

Photo by Leah Hennel / COC

Neilly Ross continued to make her mark at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games today, clinching not one, but two silver medals to add to Canada’s proud tally.

Opening her account for the day, Ross competed in the Women’s Slalom event, with a remarkable score of 3@10.75m/39off, securing her first silver. She was joined on the podium with fellow Canadian Team Member Paige Rini who won bronze. Ross then went on to compete in the Women’s Tricks Finals. Her tactical yet ambitious execution earned her a score of 10,870 points, culminating in her second silver for the day.

Reflecting on her performance, Ross shared, “My goal was to come here and try to get on the podium twice, I did that so I’m walking away accomplishing my goal. I wanted to go for the gold in tricks, I had a run that could do it. I was a little bit slow but I’m still very proud to be representing Canada with the silver medal.”

Ross delved into the intricacies of the tricks event, adding, “It’s tough because in tricks it’s so much strategy based off of what other people do. I went with a very high scoring run and it’s pretty risky because if one trick is out of time, you lose a lot of points. We went for it, I still got a really high score, it could have been a little bit higher but we went for it.”

The camaraderie between Ross and fellow skier Paige Rini was palpable as they championed the Canadian spirit. Speaking about their shared journey and the future, Ross mentioned, “Paige and I have talked about it, we’ve known each other literally since before we were born. We’ve talked about our lives and how long we’ll be skiing for. She’s one of my best friends and we want to keep doing it for as long as we can. Definitely, there’s a new generation coming into the sport.”

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is immensely proud of Ross’s accomplishments and commends her unwavering dedication to the sport. We look forward to more inspiring performances from her and the entire Canadian.

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Paige Rini and Neilly Ross of Canada pose for a photo during the Women’s Water Ski Slalom Finals during the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games on Monday, October 23, 2023. Photo by Leah Hennel / COC