AthletesCAN hosted the 2018 AthletesCAN Forum featuring the 41st Canadian Sport Awards and KidsCAN School Day September 20th-24th in Ottawa, Ontario at the Brookstreet Hotel.

The AthletesCAN Forum is the largest gathering of Canada’s athlete representatives outside of competition.  It brought together Canada’s high performance athletes and sport leaders to learn about the sport system, develop leadership skills, share ideas and network through interactive workshops and presentations.

The 2018 AthletesCAN Forum examined the current sport culture and featured some of the world’s top sport leaders discussing crucial topics currently impacting #AthleteRights in the Canadian and international sport landscape.  Sessions in this year’s program included: athlete agreements, athlete representation within governance, inclusion, human rights, anti-doping, safe sport, a national strategy for holistic athlete development and support, leadership elections and more!

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s CEO Jasmine Northcott, participated in the Safe Sport partners workshop on Thursday. For more information about the workshop CLICK HERE

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada had the opportunity to send two athletes to the conference. Stephen Neveu (water ski) and Nolan Barnes (adaptive water ski) both represented WSWC as athlete ambassador’s at the conference. 

A statement from Nolan Barnes about the conference

“This weekend was an absolute pleasure being among some of the greatest athletes in sports. Some things I have learned at athletesCAN were things such as having an athlete voice when dealing with the governance in our sport organization and how we can work together to make our sport even greater then it already is. Another was the team building activities we did at the end of the daily sessions, which made this a lot of fun. I was very interested in learning how other sports were dealing with their programs and it showed that waterski-wakeboard in Canada has a very smooth running program. I also learned that athleteCAN has a wide list o resources we can access to help up athletes protect their rights as individuals, how to understand our athlete agreements and how we can facillitate  our NSO into making one that is tailored to our sport and both the organizations needs as well as athletes. I was also very honoured to be nominated by my peers to run for the board of athletesCAN. Although I did not get voted in I was honoured to get the chance to stand in front of the room under pressure and give it my all for the position. It is impossible to sum up a great weekend in a few sentences but there were friendships made that will last a lifetime, that I am sure of. I look forward to next years athetesCAN conference”

A statement from Stephen Neveu about the conference

“The AthletesCAN Forum was a very beneficial trip. We got the chance to learn about the many resources that National Team athletes have that can make the strenuous competition calendar that little bit easier. One of the biggest takeaways was getting to know the athlete representatives from all of the other sports and learning that although we compete in different sports, we both come across many of the same issues that come with competing at the international level. Getting their feedback on how they tackle these challenges was my biggest takeaway from the weekend.”