WSWC Pilots Transition From Annual Congress to Online Quarterly Townhall Meetings

Effective September 2018, Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) will pilot the transition from the
traditional in person annual Congress to quarterly online Townhall meetings.

The first Townhall meeting is scheduled to take place with the WSWC AGM on October 3, 2018 at 9pm
ET, by way of conference call. Should you wish to attend please rsvp to: for dial in

In an effort to increase transparency and dialogue within the system, an internal audit was conducted to
determine where the organization could optimize its ability to increase its communication and
engagement within the sector while at the same time, decrease its overall operating expenses.  
While Congress traditionally proved to be a vital forum to facilitate dialogue within sector and bring the
community together, in recent years, Congress participation rates have continued to decline and most
recently due to recent changes with the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, WSWC was required to
transition its Annual General Meeting (AGM) to September of each year and is currently hosting online.  
With the withdrawal of the AGM from Congress and in examining stakeholder feedback, the breadth and
scope of Congress has been impacted over recent years by decreased participation rates and increasing
costs associated with hosting and attending the event.

With the goal of increasing engagement and communication opportunities within the towed water sports
community, WSWC is pleased to announce the piloting of quarterly online Townhall meetings, which will
be open to the entire towed water sports community and will replace the traditional in person Congress

Townhall Meetings 2018-2019
 October 3/18 – AGM & Townhall
 December 12/18 – Townhall
 March 6/19 – Townhall
 June 12/19 – Townhall
 September 26/19 – AGM & Townhall

For more information, please contact: