Reporting a Concussion

When a participant has been diagnosed with a concussion, if they are under 18 years of age, it is important that the participant’s parent/legal guardian is informed. All participants diagnosed with a concussion must be provided with a standardized Medical Assessment Letter

that notifies the participant and their parents/legal guardians/or emergency contact that they have been diagnosed with a concussion and may not return to any activities with a risk of concussion until medically cleared to do so by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. Because the Medical Assessment Letter contains personal health information, it is the responsibility of the participant or their parent/legal guardian to provide this documentation to the participant’s coaches, teachers, or employers.

It is also important for the participant and/or their parents/legal guardians to provide this information to sport organization officials that are responsible for injury reporting and concussion surveillance where applicable. In the case of concussion or head injury occurrences at Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada sanctioned events or activities, organizers and/or coaches/ activity leaders must submit an Incident Report

to the appropriate sport organizations (PSO and NSO), which will be recorded for participant monitoring and annual data and statistical reporting. 

Participants diagnosed with a concussion should be provided with education about the signs and symptoms of a concussion, strategies about how to manage their symptoms, the risks of returning to sport without medical clearance and recommendations regarding a gradual return to school and sport activities. Participants diagnosed with a concussion are to be managed according to their Return-to-School and Sport-Specific Return-to-Sport Strategy under the supervision of a medical doctor or nurse practitioner. When available, participants should be encouraged to work with the team athletic therapist or physiotherapist to optimize progression through their Sport-Specific Return-to-Sport Strategy. Once the participant has completed their Return-to-School and Sport-Specific Return-to- Sport Strategy and are deemed to be clinically recovered from their concussion, the medical doctor or nurse practitioner can consider the participant for a return to full sports activities and issue a Medical Clearance Letter.

The diagram below outlines the WSWC Concussion Management Pathway and the steps to follow at each stage.