Conley Pinette at the 2022 WWS Calgary Cup. Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography.

Water Ski Canada proudly announces that the Predator Bay Ski Club at Lakes at Kastyn Stone in Calgary will host the much-anticipated WWS Calgary Cup and the MasterCraft Slalom Shootout from August 4-6, 2023. This prestigious event serves as the third stop on the World Water Skiers Overall Tour, with last year’s competition setting a high bar of excitement and athleticism.

Water Ski Canada is thrilled to reveal that this year’s event promises to be even more thrilling and awe-inspiring than before. The best overall water skiers and slalom skiers from across the globe will convene in Calgary, aiming to outmaneuver their rivals and clinch the coveted championship titles.

Canada will be well-represented with several accomplished athletes competing in both tournaments. The MasterCraft Slalom Shootout will feature home-grown talents such as Stephen Neveu (AB), Cole McCormick (ON), Whitney McClintock Rini (ON), Paige Rini (ON), Jonah Shaffer (ON), Evan Kraus (AB), Sean Kraus (AB), and Bradley Gibbons (AB).

The Calgary Cup Overall Tour will showcase a diverse roster of Canadian athletes, including Paige Rini (ON), Conley Pinette (BC), Thomas Daigle (QC), Carter Lucas (SK), Bradley Gibbons (AB), Evan Kraus (AB), Jacob Chambers (BC), Lucas Pinette (BC), Megan Pelkey (AB), Carly Bonham (AB), and Kate Pinsonneault (BC).

“We are incredibly excited to bring the world’s best water skiers to Calgary for what is set to be an unforgettable weekend of high-speed action on the water,” says a spokesperson for Water Ski Canada. “We’re particularly proud to see so many Canadian athletes represented in these major events, a testament to our nation’s passion for water sports.”

With the beautiful setting of Predator Bay Ski Club as a backdrop, and the spirit of friendly international competition, the WWS Calgary Cup and MasterCraft Slalom Shootout promise to deliver a thrilling spectacle for all.

Water Ski Canada invites fans of all ages to join us for this unmissable event. Whether you’re an ardent water ski enthusiast or looking for a weekend of exciting sport, the WWS Calgary Cup and MasterCraft Slalom Shootout won’t disappoint.